Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Great Gay Matchmaker.

That should be my new official title. If this whole law thing doesn't work out, I can always fall back on setting up all of the gay men in my life with each other.

I had been invited to attend a birthday party for a friend from high school. He's very gay. I was well aware of the fact that I'd be the token 1. straight person and 2. female at the party, so I wasn't particularly excited about it at first. I hadn't seen this friend in a while, and I definitely wanted to see him, but it's difficult to maximize my own social needs in a house full of gay men. I decided to go for several other reasons: first, I have a recently out friend who I wanted to introduce to other area gay men; second, I have another friend who really wanted to go but didn't want to go alone; third, an old acquaintance from high school who I haven't seen since then was going to be there, and fourth - it's not like I had any other plans. It turned out to be a nice evening, despite the fact that three of my friends all independently stated at some point in the night that my boobs looked great (gay men?) and that I was going to serve as a surrogate mother for them later in life. But I did my part and made my introductions. My newly gay friend is sufficiently connected to a gay social/support network and despite the fact that he rarely enjoys large and foreign social situations, he did very well for himself.

It looks like I will be going on a blind date this week. I have to call him and set up plans. He had recommended maybe getting together this weekend but I just had too many things to do. And I've actually yet to accomplish more than one or two of them, so it's not looking like my week will be much better either. If I call him, it means mustering up the energy to figure out some conversation topics in advance and to sound fun and vivacious for the duration of the phone call. I'm too focused on my own tasks right now, and besides, the best part of a date is just knowing that someone is interested in you. It's all downhill from there, isn't it? I'm in no rush.

I got an email from one public defender letting me know that they're waiving the first round of interviews for me and sending me directly to the final round. Eeek. I have to get a writing sample together for this public defender, I have to get the rest of my applications together for two other public defenders who have asked for it, and I still have to finish getting my initial application out for a whole bunch of other public defenders and fellowships. Ugh, it's so tedious. I don't want to spend my precious weekend time on these things.

The best part of my day during the week is the young man who works at the hardware store that I pass on my way to the train. He caught my eye at first because he resembles Mr. Maybe. Not generally the "type" that I am immediately attracted to, but because he resembles someone that I am incredibly attracted to, he gets a second look. I see him putting the displays out in front of the store every morning, and closing up the store on my way home in the evening. It's the highlight of my day. He's rugged, blue-collar, a little gruff. I can't figure out how old he is though. He could be far too young, for all I know.

Well, I suppose it's time to start tackling some tasks for the day.

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