Thursday, September 09, 2004

I'm still here.

I've had an ok week. One more dream about my teeth falling out. It was different this time though, all but 2 fell out and they fell out in groups. I've been going to the gym regularly, which is good. My internship is not any more interesting than it was last week.

Things to be happy about when I stop being needlessly distracted by the past: I heard responses from two places to which sent my resume. First, I'm going back for a big round of interviews with my summer agency. Second, I'm sending along the rest of my application for another agency, who requested it. Sweet. Tonight, I am shooting off some quick emails to the ones that I haven't heard from yet. (Question - huge faux pas to email to confirm receipt and ask when I should expect to hear? Should I call instead? At least one of the places said no phone calls, so I didn't have much choice).

Things to start thinking about when I stop being needlessly distracted by the past: I've received some friendly interest from at least one individual of the opposite sex.

Things about the past that are PARTICULARLY needlessly distracting: Mr. Maybe. I miss his dark complexion, his very toned body, I miss gazing at the tattoo on his arm and across his back. I miss just feeling comfortable around him.

Things I realized today on the commute home: I didn't know Mr. Maybe well at all.

But you know, that's ok too.

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