Friday, June 08, 2007

No Hilton for Paris.

You've never seen a more satisfied bunch of public defenders as we were when this news broke.  We were outraged when Paris left early, knowing full well that any medical condition of our clients (cancer, kidney / liver failure, acute psychosis, TB, HIV, broken ribs / jaws / arms / legs) would never get them sympathy or early release.  I don't wish jail upon anyone, but any one of my clients would have gotten a 45 day sentence for violating every term of their release repeatedly - and race or class should not influence that.


Anonymous said...

You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Your jealousy is sad.
Paris got out of jail because her very well paid attorney knew about how the jail system worked in LA. It is not an anomoly for a misdermeanor client to get out early for a medical especially when the jail is overcrowded. Now He has set the judge and the Sherrif dept up for a writ on his clients behalf because she is being treated differently because of her celebrity.

Take note, there is a quantitative difference between most public defenders and most average lawyers. In those cases the public defender is better.
In the case of real high power legal talent however, those guys leave public defenders in the dust. They have more time for their clients and are just qualitatively better. For those that have the money, they deserve the legal talent they can afford.

I hate Paris, but I hope she gets out again soon. As for you public defendefs, get more involved in politics, get more involved in the bar, put more of your outside time into your career and knowledge and then represent your clients like they were Paris, and then you can be smug.

WomanoftheLaw said...

I respect your response but for your allegation of "jealousy" and your advice as to how to conduct my career. You can leave that at the door.

Palm Springs Savant said...

that creep didn't have the guys to post his comment using his name! Anyway, I'm with you "Woman of the Law" Paris is a spoiled brat and should serve her sentence like anyone else!

whew! got that off my chest. stop by and say hi and raise some hell on my site sometime.

Audacity said...

Heh. Yeah, WOTL your jealousy is sad!

Personally, I think her "medical condition" might be coke withdrawal. Really though, no one gets out for "medical reasons." Lee Baca should have just said, "We released her because we release everyone early who has a low misdemeanor offense" and not this bullshit medical reason.