Saturday, May 06, 2006

falling off the wagon

After weeks of struggling to maintain my dignity, and somewhat succeeding, I had what I thought was a moment of strength and I emailed The Ouster. It was just small talk - i heard a song by his favorite group, which I hadn't heard before, and was totally caught off guard by it. I wrote the email, made small talk about music and other things, and sent it with a sense of finality. Now I'll know, I thought. He won't respond, and no more strings.

Except he responded.

And then I responded. ("WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT EMAIL HIM BACK" this same friend told me. I told her that she and I both knew I was going to ignore her very wise advice.)

And then he emailed back and asked me if I wanted to get together this Saturday.

Of course, I really want to see him again. I also still have very strong reservations about embarking on date #3 that looks a lot like dates #1 and #2. That is, a date that looks like drunkenly making out at the bar and / or getting booted after he's decided he's had his fun. I won't be able to see him this weekend because I already had something [really lame] to do and couldn't break plans. Not that I would for him anyway. So when I emailed him back, I let him know that this weekend was bad but asked him about next weekend. He hasn't bothered to respond. Now I have to wait.

I also caved and met up with Tenacious D last night. It was immediately disappointing and mostly a mistake. He's a good person, but still hasn't actually taken me out on a date despite all my pleading, and when I try to talk to him about why it's disappointing that he hasn't so much as asked me out in the past two months, he tells me it's because I'm always busy and out with other people. I don't like being told that it's my fault, but I can see that he must feel that he's giving me space that he wishes he didn't have to give me. Last night was awkward and I couldn't even stand to kiss him because I realized that it was really and truly done.

I was doing so well for a while there! 3 or 4 whole weeks... then, crash! kapow! Back to the same bad habits.


Anonymous said...

Why dont you just find an attractice guy and ask him out - dont waste time on a loser.

Guys find intelligent women hotter than supermodels becuase (1) they are almost always better in bed and (2) they are interesting.

Go for it !

la lawyer said...

There's also that old standby saying, you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince - it was definitely true in my case.

Sanchovilla said...


Anonymous said...

When my cellphone rang last night and I saw it was him calling and I answered it anyway - that's when I fell off the wagon. It happens to the best of us.

matmaven said...

In my first year of law school my then boyfriend decided he couldn't compete intellectually with me or my new friends and dumped me. Talk about a little devistation. Fast forward 20 years later....I am happily married, the mother of 4, pretty successful in my field and guess who walks in to become my next client? He is on marriage number 2 and lost his shirt during marriage number 1 and you know what? It is as if the song "Whose Sorry Now" plays ever time he walks in the room with me!