Thursday, May 25, 2006

the real world sucks.

And I don't mean the MTV show.  I mean the real world.  Lowercase t, lowercase r, lowercase w. 
I left work at a reasonable hour and I took tomorrow off.  I have the whole night to myself.  What to do?  Hmmm.  I did a little window shopping, came home and ate dinner, made a batch of hummus [really disappointing, I have never found a good recipe], had a beer, checked the blogs, and now here it is.  7:30 pm.  I'm watching the first episode of Friends and guess what?  Aniston TOTALLY got a nose job somewhere along the way. 
So what am I supposed to do the rest of the night?  I could clear out the laundry room.  That's a task and a half.  I could finish unpacking my room and prep it for this weekend's painting.  I could watch TV all night, again. 
I'm bored, and lonely.  I get up in the morning, go to the gym, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed.  Every once in a while, some weekend plans turn up.  I mostly feel like I'm going through the motions, the routine, but I have no purpose.  This is not as much fun as my mid-twenties were supposed to be.
How am I supposed to occupy my time for the next, oh, 30 years?


Melissa said...

There's always porn. (I kid)

T said...

I was exactly like that for a while. What helped me (aside from moving to a location that had more going on) was filling up my time with activities that made me feel like I was progressing toward some goal(s).

Going to the gym was helpful in that regard. Also taking up work on the side, trying to start up new ventures, etc. Even if they didn't take off, I felt like I was learning, and that would contribute to me being successful eventually. Watching TV, for the most part, made me feel guilty.

Sanchovilla said...

What kinds of things do you do to have fun? You gotta have something, right? No?

A Few Things To Occupy Your Time For the Next 30 Years:

1. Volunteer for some organization that is involved with something that interests you. Good chance you'd end up meeting people with similar interests.

2. I took dancing lessons. Yup, I did. I would never admit it to many people in my real life but I had the best time.

3. I was tricked into a speed-dating event at some bar/restaurant. I never would have gone had I known what I'd be doing but at the very least, it was a good opportunity to get laid.

You know what, we can make lists all we want (not that you asked for it) but we (I) still need to know what really gets your blood pumping and your mind racing? Is it just that you're lonely and you figured you'd have someone significant in your life by now?

Oh, and you could always fall back on porn.

Windypundit said...

I think that's why they invented the internet...

tessa said...

I have also been there and second t that working toward some goal (in my case training for a half-marathon and getting my dog ready to show in obedience) makes a HUGE difference. And just wondering - did you ever hear back from The Ouster?

C said...

Why don't you do some legal pro bono work?

Schulte said...

Why dont you just get married, buy a house, and get a couple of dogs. That's what I did and it's great, you should try it.