Tuesday, March 08, 2005

See? I told you.

EVERYONE IS GETTING HIRED except me. Still no change on the job front. Have a few places that absolutely refuse to call me back. I'm in interview limbo. Will I make it to the next round? Have I already NOT made it to the last round and you forgot to tell me? There's one place I'm actually tentatively scheduled to do the same interview with on two different days next week, depending on the availability of attorneys. Well, I still haven't heard what day it's going to be yet.

And then there's this other public defender's office, that was all up in my shit, and then at the last minute said, oh, you'll have to wait until late spring, that's when we do most of our hiring, and I said ok. And then summer coworker RECEIVED and REJECTED a job offer with them, like, months ago. And they have not responded to my recent letter reaffirming my interest in their office. Don't play like you don't want me, mofos.

And then there's this dreeeeeeamy fellowship that looks like it would be great, except hard, and I don't know what the hell will happen with that. I'm still trying to work out the proposal itself. Uphill battle.

P.S. Rejecting me for a job, but telling me that you're going to keep my resume in case a position opens up, is like being the guy who only hooks up with me when he's drunk.

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