Sunday, March 20, 2005


I love troubled, angry teenagers. It's my perception that not too many people enjoy working with angry, sullen, hormonal, troubled teenagers. It's also my perception that not many attorneys enjoy the additional challenges that go with having juvenile clients - they are even more needy than adult clients. I think that juvenile delinquents are an underserved population within an underserved population.

Most of the positions for which I've interviewed have been in regards to adult indigent defense. I very much enjoy working with indigent adults. However, I know that if I begin with adult work, I will eventually want to return to juvenile work.

So then. Am I an asshole for strongly considering taking a position as an adult defense attorney? Don't I owe it to the kiddos to work with them? I feel kinda guilty about it, and I'm also concerned that juvenile defenders won't want to later hire someone who has strayed.

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