Thursday, January 27, 2005

Suicidal Man charged with murder, faces death penalty

Let me get this straight. This guy wanted to kill himself, but he changed his mind. At that point, his truck was already stuck and, as the CEO of the train company said, he couldn't have moved it if he tried. The train then derails, killing people, and the solution to this problem is to charge the suicidal man who couldn't move his truck with 11 counts of murder and sentence him to death?

What about the fact that it's even POSSIBLE to get stuck on a train track and that when such things occur, the train derails?

THIS IS FUCKING ABSURD. Talk about zealous prosecution.


ParkerS said...

Thank you so much for posting about this! I just read an article about this on another website and wondered what you would think. It seems so absurd to me, that this man who is suicidal to begin with, would now be faced with the possibility of the death penalty. What does that say about our society?

As a side note, I really enjoy your blog. Your insight on friends, relationships, life, and law are refreshing. You often remind me of struggles and celebrations I have experienced in my life. I know you will do great in all that you pursue, especially in law. You cannot have this kind of passion without finding success. Good luck and keep posting!

WomanoftheLaw said...

Thanks so much!

C Dog said...

I am going to be ill now. I don't see the quote from the CEO that you referenced. I assume that this jackass had to intentionally place himself in a position to be killed; even if he didn't intend to kill anyone, his exhibited recklessness (enough to convict for murder). Maybe if CA abided by the Second Amendment, this asshole could've bought a gun and done himself in without killing 11 other people. It sounds as if it could've been much, much worse. Perhaps this is not a prime candidate for the death penalty, but your post sounds as if this nutbag should be free to walk the streets, all because he changed his mind.

"What about the fact that it's even POSSIBLE to get stuck on a train track and that when such things occur, the train derails?" I think if there was a way to prevent either of these things, it've been done by now.

What, pray tell, should we do with this dirtbag?

WomanoftheLaw said...

The link now links to a completely different article than the one that was there earlier.

I'm not sure why you're so incredulous that I think it's absurd for the state to try someone for 11 murders with the possibility of the death penalty, whose only intent was to end his own life. This is a more circuitous means to that end, for sure. You can't come up with a more efficient solution to suicidal behavior than 11 capital murder charges? This sounds completely reasonable to you? At the very least, this should strike you in your most precious of soft spots - your wallet.

Saje Williams said...

I heard this on the radio a couple days ago and was struck by the irony of it myself. That was my first thought. My second was--if he wanted to die anyway--would he want to put up any kind of defense, or would he use up all his appeals before they actually did the deed?

Just wondering.