Tuesday, December 19, 2006

iTrain, iComplain

I've been doing the same workout for about 3 years now, and like all the fitness gurus tell you, it just starts to get old, and makes working out much more of a chore with much fewer results.  I've fallen off the workout bandwagon since I left law school.  I work out maybe 3 times a week, doing shorter workouts, and doing so reluctantly.  I've been looking for ways to jazz up my workout (usually via my music selection) but I just discovered something wonderful called iTrain.  It's a website where you can download workouts to your iPod, where someone coaches you through something you'd probably rather not do without someone bossing you around.
I tried it for the first time this morning and you know what?  It worked!  Well, it worked, until a little over halfway through it I started cursing Grace, the demon workout vixen.  Damn you with those inclines!!!  My heart felt like it was going to forcibly claw its way out of my chest so I cut out about halfway through.  As a plus, it's really motivated me to get back on the treadmill, which I've been avoiding in favor of the much easier elliptical for the past few months. 
So Grace, you saucy little bitch, I think we have a solid love-hate relationship in our future.  Looking forward to it!


Audacity said...

Wow! What a great idea.

Scheherazade said...

I use iTrain, too. Love it. For me, Grace is by far the most motivating of the instructors I've tried.

Grace also does a couple of iTread Outdoors workouts, so you can run outside with her egging you on.

twrx said...

I've been using this site recently to track workouts/weight/bodyfat/etc: http://www.traineo.com/

It's pretty good, it's free, and I find I do a better job of sticking to my workouts if I know I'm going to have to write down what I did later.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I could really use a saucy little bitch yelling at me on the treadmill, the bike, and in everyday life for that matter.

Cool idea, I'll check it out!