Monday, December 04, 2006

Another round at the Supreme Court.

Dahlia Lithwick's Dispatches from the Supreme Court, from today's affirmative action cases.
It's interesting to me to think about other areas of law, now that I've promptly forgotten most of them.  I can't even remember the levels of scrutiny for 14th Amendment violations anymore.  I wonder now what the heck the Supreme Court is doing, again, with these race / school cases, again.  Another round with no real indication of what the right thing is to do.  My own suggestion, if we're looking at distributing, is to examine a redistribution based on socio-economic standing, which I suspect may be a much more important distinction when it comes to education.  And, it's not a protected class, so no 14th Amendment violations.  You can discriminate against poor or rich people all you want!
Ah, I yearn for the days when I listened to oral arguments as soon as they came out; sat by my computer waiting to read released court opinions; was up to date on all the latest blawgs.  There is no law in what I do, day to day.  I miss the critical thinking and analyzing the rules and making reasoned arguments.  Mostly, I just beg.
As an aside, I have decided that one of my most unattainable goals in life is to be on Slate - either as an author or as a subject (in a good way, not in like a Paris&Britney, OJ type way).  My God, I worship that webzine.


Kevin O'Keefe said...

I wouldn't give up on your goals for a minute. I firmly believe that via blogging one can set a goal for where they want to be 2 to 3 years down the road and go out and accomplish it.

If you want to write for Slate, begin networking with their writers and editors via your blog. Blogging is no less networking than if you got to meet those people first hand. May even be better as they get to see your passion and skill.

If use and analysis of the law is what floats your boat, figure out what job would be perfect for that. Again set your goal to accomplish that via your blog. Focused blogging is the perfect way to network with those you need to.

If ever interested in talking about how to achieve these things via blogging, drop me an email or give me a call.

123txpublicdefender123 said...

Dahlia Lithwick is my favorite legal commentator. I don't always agree with her, but I almost always find her reasoning sound and well-supported, and her writing is quite entertaining.

I think a good way to work your way to Slate is to post a lot in their "Fray" and become one of their "starred posters." Good luck!

Blonde Justice said...

Do you listen to the Slate podcasts? Who the heck was that imposter announcer. They'd better get rid of him and bring back the regular guy. (Of course, they may have already, I'm always a few weeks behind.)