Thursday, December 29, 2005

today's news

Leniency Bid for Officer in Louima Testimony: let him rot, I say.  - NY Times
Life and Romance in 160 Characters or Less:  Washington Post on the culture of text messaging.  I've done my fair share of drunken text messaging - apparently I've moved past drunk dialing and drunk emailing and into drunk texting.  Drunk blogging?  It could happen.  It may have already.


Anonymous said...

Could you add an RSS feed?

notguilty said...

there was a really good little article in the young lawyers newsletter of the msba talking about the soros fellowship - she got hers in something to do with juvenile justice and educational advocacy throught the pd's office.

hmmm. . . just made me think of you while in that time sucking vortex called 'court'.