Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Terrorism is: not having someone cart your ass around

In a Yahoo article about the subway strike in New York City, one woman says: "It's a form of terrorism, if you ask me," said Maria Negron, who walked across the bridge. "I hope they go back to work."
Are you KIDDING me?
(Let's set aside the argument over whether the subway employees should be blamed for this).  I'm sure that walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (an activity that I imagine many tourists do in a day) is excruciatingly painful to Ms. Negron.    However, why are we still throwing around the word "terrorism"?  I know the Bush administration equates everything with terrorism - Islam, library books, Cat Stevens, etc.  I insist, nay, DEMAND, that my fellow Americans stop using the word "terrorism" to describe when things do not go their way. 
In that case:
Terrorism is the toy aisle in Target last week. 
Terrorism is that Dunkins coffee now tastes like crap. 
Terrorism is paying $5.04 for a Venti Non-Fat Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks (and using those precise words to order it). 
Terrorism is that I paid $1,694,325,27.00 for law school just to have my clients ask for a real lawyer. 
Terrorism is the faulty tupperware that leaked my leftover dinner all over the work clothing I had packed in my bag this morning.
If we don't let the government spy on its own citizens, says Bush, then we've let the terrorists win.  The fact that we even question that secret, previously undisclosed, government spy program means WE HAVE LET THEM WIN.

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