Tuesday, October 05, 2004

So much, and yet nothing at all.

Tomorrow I am a quarter century dead. To celebrate, I've been cramming peanut butter cups down my throat for the past few days. No good.

Got in a bizarre email fight with Mr. Maybe (well, he didn't know we were in a fight, I had to tell him) over, of all things, Kevin Millar. I was absolutely fuming. I rarely get that angry at people that I care about, but then again, it's the people we care for most that hurt us most, right? What started with clever banter about baseball statistics ended with an email from him that not only insulted my intelligence (overtly) but was patronizing and insinuated that the only thing I could offer my clients is an ineffective assistance of counsel claim on appeal. I didn't answer his email for (gasp) an entire day and a half. Then he called today, so I returned his call. I told him it upset me, he apologized, we moved on. I couldn't chat with him because I was on the train but I just tried calling him to actually TALK to him, and he didn't pick up. Sigh. My brain would function so much more effectively if I were still ignoring him.

Sent in my resume to many agencies that are interviewing at a job fair, and have heard NOTHING. Not one has said, "Sure. Love to interview you." Now, the agencies that will be at the job fair are pretty much the only agencies on my wonderful spreadsheet of places to which I'm applying. So, they all have my info, and if they deny me an interview at the job fair, that's not just making the job fair a bust - it's making my entire job search a bust. What makes me even more nervous is that I've been so distracted by unimportant personal things that I don't really remember completing my job apps - it's just a vague and recent memory about being aggravated about it. But they all got sent out, and for the life of me, I can't remember to whom I sent what.

Saturday night, I went out with friends from SummerTown in FallTown. It was the best night I've had here yet. I got to meet new people, see an old friend, check out some new bars, and make it into bed by 2 am. Sunday morning brunch ended up being quite a treat as well. Brunch is the most important meal of the week, as far as I'm concerned. The diner down the street was packed, so we were going to head to a pub on the other side of town, but we were intercepted by other friends ditching the diner for IHOP. We all went to IHOP and I made more new friends (they were roommates of a friend - and they were really, really hot). It was an incredibly pleasant brunch experience, followed by the Patriots. Aaaaah. Wonderful Sunday. Ended up staying out late to see a former blind date perform at a nearby bar. Confirmed that I don't have much desire to see former blind date again.

Dahlia's Supreme Court Dispatches is back! This week, it's "Batman and the Penguin Eat Blakely." Sweet. Diligent bloggers post info on Blakely:
SCOTUSBlog 1 and SCOTUSBlog 2.
Observations from Sentencing Blog.

Go Sox.

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