Sunday, October 17, 2004

I'm a big fan of brunch. I've been experimenting with other Sunday brunch places recently, figuring I could become an expert on brunch in this city. Today, however, I returned to the very popular diner that's just a few blocks away from me, a place that I've been to many times over the past few years. It is the best goddamn brunch ever (large servings, very good food) and it's cheap, and the diner's theme is just awesome. Not cheesy like Denny's or anything. It's just not worth going anywhere else, really. Perfection was right there all along.

I babysat last night and tonight. Tonight went less smoothly. I'm downing more cheap shiraz, watching the Sox with one hand over my eyes, telling myself that I should be in bed to be alive tomorrow. Oh well. It's only Oct playoffs for the Sox once, right? Oh no, it's not. They falter here EVERY YEAR.

Go Pats.

Womanofthelaw's Vital Stats for Oct 17, 2004:
Glass of wine: One (ok, one REALLY full one)
Book: "One Hundred Years of Solitude" - I had given it up, but since I only have a few chapters left, I should really finish it... and it's totally sucked me back in
Things Eaten That Will Kill Me, or At Least My Dreams of Being a Supermodel: Brunch this morning - two scrambled eggs, two piece of french toast, one piece of ham, homefries, and a bottomless cup of coffee. I'm still full.
Karma Points: 5. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and a charming young man was selling candy bars outside the grocery store. People kept walking by, ignoring him as though he were begging for change. I decided, as I approached, that I'd buy the $1 candybars. He was adorable - looked about ten years old, and was wearing a jacket except with the jacket over his head - so his arms were sticking straight out of his sides. Heh. As I walked up, he said quickly, "Wouldyouliketobuycandytohelppreventteensfromsmokinganddrinking?" I said sure, what are you selling? And it wasn't even candy bars - it was boxes of crappy candy. "Turtles" - peanuts and caramel covered in chocolate. Ugh. I hate them. But I said sure, I'll support your fundraiser. How much will they be? To which he responded with a grin, "$5 but the smile is free." I wanted to choke when he said $5, but come now. The smile was free. ADORABLE. So I bought them. And of course have eaten half of them. Which leaves about 3 left. But at least I can know that teens are NOT smoking and drinking because I'm eating candy that I hate and paid my week's worth of groceries for.


C Dog said...

Boy, I can't wait until you get a job and won't have any more time to blog.

WomanoftheLaw said...

I can't wait until you get a job and don't have time to read my blog.

I can't for the life of my figure out why you insist on reading my blog and then complain about it. So here's the deal. Stop reading it. Just stop. Don't read it. Ever. Again. And if you do, I'll block your IP address. Deal?

Blonde Justice said...

Wow, we all save the world in our own little ways, don't we?

Sometimes there's this kid who rides my train selling candy bars. He gives a whole little speech. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm selling candy bars for $1 each. I'm not selling them for a sports team, I'm selling them to have some money to stay off the streets. Please support me..."

I always buy one. Ok, a few. And then, when I work arraignments and I see someone charged with selling food on the subway, I always make sure it wasn't him. I've even given him my card. =)