Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Favorable Dicta is compiling a Top 10 list of things every girl should have, in reaction to MSN's lame top 10 list. What seems to make every list is condoms. MSN has "a condom" as item #10. You can't really buy just one condom though.

This prompts something that I've been meaning to inquire about but have heretofore been too reserved to ask. What do you think about women who carry condoms? I have twice had condoms in my purse when I hooked up with a guy, and twice he was surprised, and both times he didn't have any. Or so he said. (This was the same guy both times, several months apart). It seems like there's something that catches guys off guard when a girl has condoms in her purse. Well, hell, I knew we were going to hook up, and we did, and lo and behold, I was prepared. Like a Boy Scout. I don't take them out of my purse, because you never know when someone will need one (I have on several occasions provided them to friends). One problem, though, is that I think they've, ahem, aroused some suspicion at security points. I was at the Supreme Court the day that Blakely was argued, and right before that historical oral argument, I had to show the guard my condoms. He was embarrassed. I was amused.

Why is it that guys are put off by this? I suppose guys draw an inference that if a girl is carrying condoms, then she must sleep around. I would like to present to you Defense Exhibit A: WomanoftheLaw carries condoms and gets almost no sex. So there you go. I defy social myth. Condoms do not cause women to sleep with lots of random anonymous men.

And seriously. If I hadn't been carrying condoms, then Mr. STF - you would have been stuck with those miserable condoms that you had stashed away long ago that prevented anything fun from happening for you. Shouldn't you be thankful for my preparedness?


Gideon said...

I was never put off by it (now, however, with a LT girlfriend, I might be surprised), in fact I think it's rather smart.

Guys, apparently, can be blockheaded about this. They might also be threatened by the woman's assertiveness and confidence.

Anonymous said...

I think its hot. What's even hotter, is if there are toys in her bedroom dresser drawer.

notguilty said...

heh. ask me to tell you about the time in Istanbul when they could see the handcuffs through the scanner and made me take them out - in front of all these turkish muslim people. Wait, I think I just told you about it without being asked.

It was my honeymoon, come on! Doesn't everyone bring handcuffs on their honeymoon???

yeah, that was a hoot.