Monday, June 27, 2005

Bar Review's Third Level of Hell: Duty Problems

Never once in law school did it occur to me that a duty was anything other than a legal obligation. Then I heard the Bud Light commercial that changed my life. One "Real Men of Genius" commercial came on while I was listening to the Sox game. It was "Jean Shorts Inventor." Not a particularly amusing one, until the narrator says something along the lines of jean shorts, either at work functions or family BBQs, doing their duty. Then the guy that sings in the background says, "YOU! just said doodie." And it was so unexpected and out of nowhere that I laughed my ass off. That was about two days before bar review started.

Through property, evidence, torts, contracts, the word "duty" appears a lot. But I have to tell you, in 3 years of law school, and after a month of bar review, it was not until today that it became uncontrollably funny. The lecturer referred to "duty issues" and having "duty problems" and at first it started with a childish snicker. By the end of the class, me and my back row cronies were hysterical.

Heh. He said doodie.


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

This post really appeals to my nine-year-old-boy sense of humor.

Beth said...

Those two guys came to a Titans game last year, and they crack me up too. I haven't heard the doodie one yet, but I just laughed thinking about it.

Blonde Justice said...

Ha ha, you said doodie!

That's almost as good as Penal law. Penal! Penile? Get it? Yeah, that's one of my favorites. =)

habibi said...

I always snicker at "silence is not acceptance." Although that is TOTALLY not funny.