Thursday, September 04, 2008

political articles

His wife, Martha, added: "Alaska is a state very, very close to Russia. That gives her foreign policy experience."  I disagree.  Does that qualify every governor who borders Canada or Mexico as having "foreign policy experience"?  Does that qualify every governor who borders an ocean as having excellent naval defense strategies?
Timothy Noah of Slate predicts Palin's speech will be great but only because we know nothing else about her. 
John Dickerson reacts to Palin's speech.  Can you tell I read a lot on Slate?
The one other thing I disliked about her speech was that I felt as though she spent more time attacking the adversary and not as much time talking about her plans or solutions to problems.  I think the Dems did a little better at focusing more on 'what we're going to do' although they did of course include some 'but the Republicans can't get it right' stuff as well.

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