Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin's speech

I think she's likeable. I think her speech was good.  I think that her speech could very well have rebounded the McCain campaign.  I think that her speech makes it clear that Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice for Democratic presidential candidate.
I disagree with Palin on a fair number of specific issues, assuming that what I've read about her political stances is correct.  The one conflict I couldn't get around was Palin's repeated accusation that Democrats would increase taxes and create bigger government, government that makes decisions for you - and then in another breath, would promise to advocate for special education (generally a government-administered entity), deride people who would question the importance of civil liberties (they aren't important if they're criminals ie terrorists, government is right don't question it).  Plus the decisions that she thinks the government SHOULD be making for you - ie abortion.  I appreciate her small-government stance, but I don't know that what she was saying was very small-government, really. 
Giuliani makes my skin crawl.  Ewww.  He is creepy, and I just felt that most of his speech was slimy.  When people started chanting "Drill Baby Drill" it really disturbed me.  I'm not sure who Giuliani was referring to when he said "THEY say Palin won't have enough time to spend with her children."  It wasn't the Democratic party.  That's a weird thing to say. 
I wondered what the hell McCain was thinking when he selected Palin, but I respect his decision, and I respect him for standing by it. 
I can't wait to hear what everyone else is saying.

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