Thursday, July 10, 2008

a political thought

I think Edwards and Obama pushed the Democratic race to the left more than it would have been, but now that it's just Obama, I think Obama moved right back to the middle where Democratic voters thought he wouldn't go.  This Slate article by Doug Kendall, "Obama veers to the right, but does he need to take the Constitution with him"? is a smart, to-the-point discussion of Obama's position with respect to judicial appointments and recent Supreme Court rulings, and good advice as to how to say what he really means, or to say what the voters want to hear.  Although he uses Obama specifically, I think his discussion is smart on a much more general basis.

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Western Justice said...

A Political Response:

I think the media has been harsher on Obama than their darling McCain. Obama never "flip flopped" on Iraq. All I heard was "I want to end the war and I want to end it quickly" changed to "I want to end the war and I may want to end it slower than previously thought." That really wasn't a flip flop, but you listen to the media reports, and you would think Obama was some two faced liar.