Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Manny being Manny.

Blonde Justice sent me this link - Manny Ramirez is selling his grill on eBay.  Check it out, if only for the pictures alone (he took pictures of himself with the grill!  It's legit!)


Blonde Justice said...

When I saw the link, I thought it was "grillz." You know, like Manny Ramirez things for your teeth.

In a way, I probably would've been less confused and surprised.

Audacity said...


I thought she was talking about grills (teeth) too.

A few weeks ago, this dude left his grill in a house he burglarized and they were showing the grill on TV. "Who belongs to this grill?"

Gideon said...

I was following the live bidding two nights ago (don't ask why) and while it started off legitimately enough, soon the bids were escalating by the millions. It finally ended when the highest bid was $999,999,999.

Yep, just a dollar under one BILLION.