Monday, February 12, 2007

this. this is why I cry at night. or drink.

I have a client who is being charged with drug possession and resisting arrest.  This is a pretty common 'bullshit' fact pattern, where a client is stopped for no reason, searched, then arrested for contraband, and then charged with resisting.  These cases are a dime a dozen. 
This case in particular haunts me becaue my client can't take a plea.  Even if he could, it's crystal clear to me that this officer is lying.  Lying, lying, lying.  My client is innocent, the cop made it all up, and how in the world am I going to convince a jury of that?


Anonymous said...

People ask me how can you defend people you think are guilty. But I think it's the ones you believe are innocent that are the hardest, because those are the ones you can't bear to lose.

Channel all that passion you feel about this case into the trial, the jury will pick up on it. You obviously care a great deal about your clients and they are lucky to have you as their lawyer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment.
You're guy apparently has nothing to lose, so go for it at trial.
It's a sad fact that cops lie. The best we can do is show emotion and see if we can raise any doubt in the jury's mind.

good luck. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...
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Sanchovilla said...

Did a pitchess motion not reveal any good witnesses with the cop?

Anonymous said...

What are the consequences of a guilty on a possession/resisting case? Where i practice, those are probation cases, and the hit on a violation of parole would be minimal.