Thursday, October 19, 2006

violent stingrays!

Stingray attacks again!  This time, the sucker jumped into the boat and stabbed a guy in the boat. 
I think it's clear that we need to start embarking on a little bit of aquatic profiling.  All stingrays are bad and violent.  If you see one on the sidewalk, cross the street.  Stay away from predominantly stingray 'hoods, especially after dark.  Stingrays probably have algae or pointing tails on them at all times, so be sure to preemptively search, disarm, or kill them.
I think the death penalty will be an effective stingray violence deterrent.

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T said...

If someone decided to become "The Stingray Hunter" and they were subsequently killed by a crocodile, would that be ironic?