Tuesday, October 03, 2006

some more interesting queries.

"I'm a really bad person"
"dating when is it ok to call him"
"I need a pair of shoes."
"hells piercing"
"german shepherds deterring murderers"
"pocketbook and a full moon"
"damn the government"
"the benefits of being a public defender"
"I feel my co worker is attracted to me"
"law answers"
"pantyhose judo"  (seriously.  again?)
"forgot underwear"  (been there.)
"why does my girlfriend want to take a break and always we get back together 3 times now" (run.)
"does law pay"  (well crime doesn't, so law must.)


Anonymous said...

"forgot underwear" (been there.)

Um. At the gym right? I just wonder why the hell anyone would be googling this. Do they want to know that there are others out there that have done it too?

Melissa said...

Hey now. Once I went on vacation and forgot to pack underwear.