Thursday, March 30, 2006

today was a good day

I had a date last night.  We met for drinks.  We were there for more than 4 hours.  Things went well.  Today I'm very sleepy and staring off dreamily into space.  This is what it feels like to meet someone you genuinely like.  Someone who gets you drinks, who laughs at the guy who moved in in his absence, and offers to go back to the bar just to watch the hilarity ensue again.  Someone who kisses you, and wants to kiss you, and is excited to kiss you, and doesn't want to stop kissing you.  Dreamy sigh.
Gmail is offering (the ads at the top) to send me one free french horn.  That's not an offer you see every day.  To that, I raise an eyebrow.


ambimb said...

hooray! I hope this one doesn't become another "Disappoint cell"! ;-)

la lawyer said...

sounds great. first dates with good kissing are the best.

Consigliere said...

First, "but for all intents and purposes, I'm on a dating timeout." Then, "Today I'm very sleepy and staring off dreamily into space."


Sanchovilla said...

#1 - Good to hear you had a fantastic date!

#2 - Did you get the telephone # of Mr. Move-In just in case Mr. Dreamy doesn't pan out?

#3 - If you don't want the French Horn for yourself, could you just have them send it to you so you could forward it to me? One can never have too many French Horns.