Friday, February 17, 2006

Two highlights of my day

Scene 1: Public Transportation
Three young men board. One sits in the empty seat next to me (Red) and two (Mutt and Jeff) sit in the seats across. The conversation goes like this.
Mutt: spanish spanish spanish spanish snitch.
Jeff: spanish spanish spanish snitch?
Mutt: Nawwww man. A subpoena ain't snitchin.' That's different, man. That's a subpoena.
Jeff: How come?
Red: He told the cops he was inside when it went down, but he told D's sister that he was there and saw it happened.
Jeff: Awww, I see.
Mutt: Man, that's why you can't tell women anything.
Red: Oooooh, I sure do love the ladies.
Mutt: Man, I ain't never told the truth to women. I was never once honest with my last girlfriend.
Jeff: You were cheatin' on her all the time.
Mutt: Man, you really can't tell girls anything.
Mutt sees me smirking at him. He nods his head in my direction and blows a kiss to me.
Red, to me: Man, this guy right here. Something else.
They get up to leave.
Mutt: I got back spasms or somethin.' I gotta go home and take some Excedrin.

Scene 2:
Ridiculously difficult day at work, everything was a struggle. With the judge, the DAs, my clients, everything. Back to the office for lunch before running back over to continue battling. Found a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints waiting for me on my desk.
Cue Heaven music and lighting.


Sanchovilla said...

I think I might be able to translate some of the Spanish. I loooove Thin Mints...can ya swing some my way?

Law after 40 said...

Must be a global blessing. The cookies arrived in my office today too! Bless their little hearts those Samoas are awesome!

Consigliere said...

The box is gone isn't it? You can confess the truth to us.I don't fault you. I looked up Thin Mints and found this definition:

Thin Mints: A cookie that is highly addictive, most closely resembles crack in compulsive consumption, especially for those not getting laid enough.