Sunday, August 01, 2004

Why this guy is unbelievable.

He painted his room orange yesterday. Orange happens to be my favorite color.

He and his housemates have two kittens. The kittens love him best and hang out in his room.

His friends feel like friends I've known forever. By far the best people I've met all summer long.

I feel like we've known each other forever already.

He has two really hot tattoos and a nipple piercing.

He is a public defender and is incredibly passionate about his job.

He loves that I curse and is amused when I get worked up.

He loves the Red Sox.

He is incredibly sweet, thoughtful, considerate, and witty.


C Dog said...

No offense, but he actually sounds quite gay. He paints his room orange, has a nipple ring, and is "passionate" about something. And most importantly, who was the last straight guy who was "incredibly sweet, thoughtful, considerate, and witty"?

C Dog said...

Are you dead or something?