Thursday, October 02, 2008

Can I call ya Joe?

I didn't watch the first Presidential debate.  I frankly don't care.  I'm watching the VP debates only because I'm hoping Palin speaks in random phrases like she did with Katie Couric.  So far she's stringing together sentences pretty well, equally as important sounding but nevertheless empty as any other candidate.
I'm glad Gwen called them on the fact that neither answered her question.  They did that more than once in the beginning. 
You know what grinds my gears?  This silly, hollow "bipartisanship" debate.  It's a straw man argument.  Gwen Ifill just actually asked them what they'd do about the sudden rise in bipartisanship.  I'm sorry - We are in a debate that is by design for two parties only, and for each party to disagree with each other and explain why.  We are only permitted two points of view, and we must choose from one of those two points of view based on the decisions made exclusively by the respective political party.  The one eventually chosen party is supposed to fall within party lines and if not, that chosen one is not doing what they're chosen to do.  Right?  A two party system is bipartisan.  I hate all this pretending.  Let's point to Democrats voting Democrat or Republicans voting Republican and call it a bad thing, while demanding exactly that. 
Democrats don't support gay marriage.  Huh.  Guess there's no choosing candidates on that issue.  If gay marriage was your issue, who are you voting for this year?
I love when Joe Biden speaks in the third person. It tickles me.  No one loves the third person more than Woman of the Law. 
Sorry, I was facebooking during the foreign policy part.  Which was a big part of it, I know.  But it's like the Charlie Brown teacher voice to me.  Whow whow whow whow....
Say it ain't so Joe...?  Holy moly. 
We need STANDARDS but flexibility in standards for No Child Left Behind.  Yes yes.  Flexible standards.  Excellent.
Sorry, I think Palin is durn cute.  She did well.  Not just "did well, considering she's an idiot."  I am appalled to think that she is in any way qualified to be VP but I love the splash she's put in this election.
I miss you Hillary.
Ooooh!  The Dick Cheney VP question.  LOVE IT.  GREAT question Gwen Ifill!  Biden knocked it out of the park, more in his response than in his initial answer.
I think Ifill just asked what each candidate's Achilles Heel is.  I don't think Palin understood the question, because she had the opportunity to say her weakness is her Washington outsider status, and then using that as her strength.  Instead, she's just babbling again about her executive experience.  mayor, maverick, team, blah blah blah.  *shudder* 
O.M.G.  Biden just teared up.  So did I.  About 5 seconds before he choked up I was already there.
Anyway.  No one answered the Achilles Heel question.  I think a Moot Court board or an appellate court or the like should do these debates.  ANSWER THE QUESTION, CLAIRE.  That's a Breakfast Club reference.  Wink.  Thanks, I know, I'm pop culture brilliant.  My Achilles Heel?  I'm a lazy mofo. LAY-ZEEEEEEE.  (That's not to say I don't do my work well - I do - but I structure myself in such a way to do so.  In my personal life, I have to remember to do the same, otherwise I'd never pay bills or clean the house or return my library books.)  Thanks for asking, Gwen. 
Wait.  What's the question now?  It's not on the bottom of the screen.
Oh!  There it is.  Did you have to change your mind due to changed circumstances?  Palin's answer is NO.  Liar.  Much like the "what promise have you made that you can't keep"?  She said 'nothing.'  I really respect that Biden had a legitimate answer to each of those questions.  That's straight talkin'.  Palin?  Never been wrong.  That's a scary person.
OMFG.  Another bipartisan question?  Ugh.  Ick.  Yack.  Biden's answer was better than the question. 
Palin - the mainstream media is not your problem.  I promise.  It's a problem for you equally as much as any other public figure.  So stop.  You're just a whiner. 
Closing remarks.  Eh.  snore.