Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'll always love you, Hillary.

It's been a month.  I've been hanging out, relaxing, which isn't always the stuff of blogging.  I've taken a lot of time off to do not much at all, which is a refreshing change from taking time off to run all over the place.  I've been baking as much as the weather will allow.  I've been reading as many issues of The Economist and Real Simple as time will allow.
I waited and waited and waited and finally, Hillary came on to stage at the Democratic National Convention.  I somehow managed to not watch any of the Olympics, despite my best intentions, and I haven't managed to be able to read a book, and I didn't even know that the DNC had started until this morning.  But once I found out that Hillary was speaking, I glued myself to the TV.  I do love Hillary.  I don't think I realized how much I am in awe of her ability to be a strong, respected woman in a man's world.  I am so moved by her legacy.  I love her. 
Even though I didn't expect it to happen, and even though I'm not sure it would have been a good idea, I felt put off by the Democratic Party's snub of Hillary, with choice of Joe Biden as VP.  I don't know much about him, he seems like a sufficient political candidate.  I don't think Hillary should play second fiddle to anyone, and as I said I don't think Hillary as VP is a very good idea.  But I think Obama and the Democratic Party owe Hillary, big time.  If Hillary was the Democratic Candidate, I'd vote Democrat this year, as I have in every previous election.  I feel completely alienated from the Democratic party and national politics, and with Hillary not being the candidate, I'm voting third party, even though Hillary is urging me otherwise.  Sorry Hillary.
Hillary, you inspire me.  Keep going, sister. Keep going!!

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Gracehoper said...

In my mind, the only thing that will make up for Hilary not being President is if she gets the next open spot on the Supreme COurt and spends the next forty years doing the work she's done so well over the last forty years.