Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm not complaining, but still...

For over a decade, I've strongly held the belief that if I weren't overweight, then I'd be knee-deep in boyfriends.  My weight has always been a source of consternation, followed by my secret dislike for my teeth, my nose, my hair, my eyes, my eyebrows, my feet, and my sadly shaped tuckus.  Thusly, when a member of the opposite sex shows interest in me, my first instinct is to think, "Thank goodness there is at least one person in this world that thinks I'm not a complete and total reject.  There may be hope after all."  Only after that brief respite do I start thinking about rational things like, Do I like this guy or not?  Does he like me or did he just want to get a closer look at the rack?
So from this place, you can imagine that I'm both delighted and very uncomfortable with the fact that not once, but twice this week I had the same two men fighting for my attention.
I'm bewildered.  It's not comfortable to be wedged between two men competing for your affection.  I like them both.  I'd be interested in seeing both of them again at some point.  Just preferably not in the same place at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Bask in the attention. I'm smitten with you and I can't even see you!

Baby Lawyer said...

yup -- it's funny how the *thought* of many guys interested in you is really quite delightful, but the actual reality of it can be kind of itchy and uncomfortable... but have fun anyway!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I've seen you and you are not overweight. You're cute. But we're all allowed a few low self esteem days.

(Left anonymous just in case you don't want readers knowing who has seen you and who hasn't.)

Good luck wallowing in all the attention.

Mirriam and Drue said...

I've seen you and you are hot so shut it.

i, however, am now a baby beluga. but my caviar is damned tasty.