Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I have no shame

Today I had a 'first' in my professional career.
There is a critical witness who can completely exonerate my client.  I don't have detailed contact information on him, but I have a ballpark estimate.  So I put my card on the door of every. single. door. in the area.  And then posted a ghetto-ass scribbled note where everyone in that area has to walk by to see it, asking for witnesses to call my #.
It's a bit embarrassing, the method, but if it works then it's worth it, and if it doesn't work then at least I know I did all I could, and didn't let shame get in the way.


Sanchovilla said...

Ahem...Don't you have an investigator to do this footwork for you?

Good work by the way. There is no shame in doing anything humanly possible to get your witness.

R. Eustis said...

One of my favorite lawyers rode the subway every day for weeks at a specific time, interviewing everyone who got on, just to try to find a witness his client had described.

He found the witness; his client was found not guilty.

So keep hope alive.